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Bonus based Casino Review for Klub8

Bonuses are what makes the online casino world go around and right now there is one clear leader when it comes to fantastic bonus offers – Klub8 Casino. The Klub8 team is getting into the Christmas spirit early with an unheard of US$1288 welcome bonus leading the way.

No, you read that right – they’ve got a US$1288 free bonus on offer right now!

Now if you’re particularly greedy and think US$1288 worth of free money is nothing special you’ve obviously got a secret the rest of us would love to hear about, but even if the rest of us don’t understand where you’re coming from, Klub8 sure seem to cause they’ve stacked on quite a few extra bonuses on to get you excited.

There’s the standard reload deposit bonuses to be had but what makes Klub8 stand out is the killer VIP deposit bonuses they’ve got on offer. Stick around and play a while with Klub8 and your loyalty will be more than adequately rewarded with up to 60% top ups on every deposit you make. it’s always nice to be appreciated and a 60% top up is one fantastic acknowledgement!

However, the real eye opening giveaway Klub8 have on offer has to be their refer a friend bonus. Klub8 have gone and tipped the whole idea of a refer a friend bonuses on its head and blown everyone else out of the water with their current offering – an ice cold $100 note for every friend that takes up your offer. That’s a US$100 cash bonus for every friend that accepts your invite to join you on the tables at Klub8! So not only do you get kudos from your buddies for discovering a temple of luxurious online gaming where the bonuses flow like waterfalls, you get a $100 cash slipped into your pocket.

And it’s not even hard to take advantage of this great deal, you simply log in, click on a link and type in the email address of your buddy. Klub8 will send them a personal invite with a unique link and away they go. To sweeten the deal even further, Klub8 are offering each of your buddies their own cash bonus with US$50 heading their way just for accepting your invite. I don’t know many people that turn down US$50 for going and doing something they love doing for free anyway, do you?

Now we all know that the trouble with great bonuses is that they are often used to make up for less than stellar gameplay. That’s not the case here though. Klub8 has a fantastic range of games available for both instant and download play. All your favourites are there to be had from online slots through to Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and more. The live dealer games in particular are worth checking out, Klub8 is offering up one of the ultimate live dealer experiences out there, they’re truly leading the industry when it comes to cutting edge online gambling technology.

With 24/7 live support, a range of easy and trusted payment options as well as government registration and player guides, Klub8 is obviously dedicated to ensuring your experience will be smooth and safe.

Click here to visit their site today to take advantage of these crazy bonus deals before they end.