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2. Poker Stars

Play at Poker Stars

Level of opposition:

At Poker Stars players are slightly better than at the other poker rooms. This is less true for cash games but definetely true for tournaments: you will find the best tournament players at
Poker Stars. This does not mean there aren’t any bad players. At the lower limits you can still earn lot’s of money because most players there play just as stupid as at other poker rooms.

Bonus offers:
Poker Stars offers players a 100% up to $50. The bonus has an average clearing time compared to industry standards. Sometimes Poker Stars offers their players also reload bonuses but this does not happen very often. Loyal players can buy stuff from the Poker Stars FPP Shop in exchange for their FPP’s. There are no loyalty cash bonuses.


Poker Stars software might not be the best looking but is certainly one of the most stable and clearest software in both overview, navigation and play.

The support is very well organised with fast response time and quality answers. No complaint. Hand histories and tournament results are being emailed to you for your own data/insurance.

Play at Poker Stars