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1. Roulette Calculator

- An easy to use Roulette Statistics calculator, tracks winning and losing sequences, single numbers, dozens, eighteens, red/black etc.
– Shows best performing numbers and sequences. Timed record set showing result trends.
– Longest winning sequences
– Longest losing sequences
- Number of hits

- Costs only: 10 Dollar!

 Click HERE to get your Roulette Calculator




2. Blackjack Card Counter Calculator

- Fast and accurate calculations
- Card counting
- Automatic statistics
- Costs: 59 dollar

Click HERE to get your Blackjack Calculator


3. Craps Calculator

- New Pro TEST Method

– Calculates optimal dice sets

– Calculates your edge over the casino

– Simulation and optimizer features

-This software costs $89.95-129.95.

Click HERE to purchase




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