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Before you start reading reviews on casino e-books we would like to tell you the following. As it is highly unsure to win money from casinos based on permanent play there aren’t many e-books written on casino topics/games. So the few ones we selected are relevant to read and are serious. I’m not saying that what they present to be possible is really possible but their strategies and tips can surely work in your advantage to increase profits and decrease losses. You will gamble with more knowledge and logical thought and this is very important.

1. Roulette Advantage System

 - Provides advances strategies and tips on roulette
– You don’t have to be an educated or rich someone to apply the strategies
– 3 bonuses included

- Costs: Only $47.

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2. Craps Winning System

- Betting strategies on Craps

– Do’s and don’t’s with Craps

– Choices and risks explained

– Fully tutorial on payoffs odds

Costs: Only $47

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